Why Study Qualifications?

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Recently I shared a short post with my network as I prepared for the day writing up my last assignment for a PG Cert in Coaching Supervision. I was sharing that to remember why I needed to do something to help me create the time to sit and write.

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I didn’t expect a big response; I thought it would help someone else create their own space for the day’s task. The number of professionals reading and commenting on what I had posted amazed me. However, what remained with me, even more, were several comments that were surprised that as an experienced Coaching Supervisor, I was ‘putting yourself through’ an academic qualification. So, I thought I would share my reflections on why I had embarked on this recent development journey that I knew included a PG Cert and the rigours of academic assignment writing.

Why A Coaching Supervision Qualification

Firstly my thoughts are why is there an assumption that if we have lots of experience in something we don’t add anything by then studying for a qualification. In fact, I feel the opposite is really the truth. No one knows everything, and I believe that being experienced and holding a qualification gives a more rounded practitioner that experience alone can provide.

When I started this personal development journey in August 2020, I wasn’t looking for a Coaching Supervisor qualification. I was looking for an environment to discuss and develop my thinking on Coaching Supervision and in particular Group Coaching Supervision. I also knew I wasn’t giving myself enough time or headspace to think about what type of Coaching Supervisor I wanted to be in the longer term. I had a number of Supervision clients and received good feedback. Still, I was interested in what else in the knowledge of coaching supervision I could learn from.

Why The Barefoot Coaching Programme

Barefoot pride themselves in being pioneers of coaching to the highest industry standards and I wanted to know that my coaching supervision is the best that it can be – that I can offer real quality to my clients.

When I chose Barefoot, I wasn’t looking for a certificate to evidence what I already knew. I took my time to find a programme that would provide the learning and challenge I wanted. The course offers a high level of learning about a wide range of approaches to coaching supervision which challenged and coursed me to refocus and at times re-evaluate my own supervisory style. It gave me the space to develop ideas and make linkages I hadn’t seen before. I am a visual learner and being able to take away comprehensive materials including a wealth of coaching supervision tools and techniques really added to my experience.

Barefoot have a mission to ‘Make the world a brighter place through exceptional coaching’ and that is a concept close to my heart. The programme allowed me to work with expert tutors in a highly practical learning environment with live demonstrations and practice sessions and plenty of constructive feedback. Their tutors speak about “Expertise held lightly, delivered simply” I definitely found that. I also met other experienced Supervisors who had chosen the programme for their own development journey. I have found a Supervisor network I was looking for. I now enjoy peer-to-peer supervision with brilliant conversations that stimulate my thinking and at times stretch my reflective practice. Through these conversations, I continue to grow. In fact, I believe that so much I even have it as our company theme!

And The Assignments

The learning and personal development is continuing as I now complete the programme and write the academic assignments for the PG Cert element. The completion of the written requirements is giving me the framework to read widely on the topic of coaching supervision that I find fascinating. My reading has covered psychological safety, group dynamics, reflective practice, not to mention supervision models. Do I enjoy the polishing of academic writing? – no, not really – but am I developing my supervisor style further? – yes I am. I am transferring my learning into my practice and my clients are already gaining the benefit of my refocused style of Group and Individual Coaching Supervision.

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