When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

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As an organisational coach, my favourite part of the job is meeting new people and developing new relationships. But this week a workshop fell flat when the energy from the participants did not match my enthusiasm.

When things are not going to plan, there-in the moment-and it is visible to all participants…what next? In this case, it was a classic Ross from Friends “PIVOT” and the session was completed with a group that were contented with their outcomes.

Then comes my second favourite part of coaching, the reflect and amend part.

What went well?

Good participation by the end of the session. People were talking to each other rather than the coaches.

Was the pivot sufficient for the group to have benefitted from the session?

Possibly. This will be worth checking at our next session.

What do I wish I had done at the time?

Called out the weird vibe in the room? Named it and asked what was going on?

Biggest learning point?

We need different biscuits. The Kit-Kats were not a hit.

Biggest learning point?

  • This wasn’t the first coaching workshop with this group and the check-in had been short. Next time I will spend longer asking how everyone is as part of the session. As a big believer in bringing your whole imperfect self to work sometimes checking in worries and concerns helps people participate better. 
  • Have a plan B option that both coaches know about. As coaches we don’t need to be the wisest people in the room, we work with specialists in their fields. But we do need a variety of approaches to help us meet our clients’ needs in the moment.

Why didn’t I?

I wasn’t sure that I had the confidence to do something with the answer. Also, I was a co-coach. Going rogue without telling your partner can be very scary for them.

How often do you reflect on days or events that you wished had gone better? And not just to beat yourself up or pick over the carcass of a bad job, but to ask why did it happen? What was my role? And most importantly, what will I do differently in the future?

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