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Stepping Up To Strategy

Who Is It For?

"Stepping Up To Strategy" is tailored for organisational leaders and senior managers who find themselves immersed in day-to-day operational tasks and are eager to transition towards a more strategic focus. If your team is seeking a profound shift in mindset, ready to embrace strategic thinking, this programme is designed to meet your unique needs.

Outcomes You Can Expect From Stepping Up To Strategy

Strategic Focus

Teams will transition from operational intricacies to a strategic mindset, enhancing their ability to tackle present and future challenges

Dynamic Leadership

Managers will evolve into dynamic leaders, adept at collaboration, accountability, and effective communication

High-Performance Culture

Leaders will gain the skills to foster a high-performance culture, holding teams accountable, leading coaching conversations, and embracing adaptability

Leadership Pipeline

The program will contribute to the development of a robust leadership pipeline, ensuring organisational resilience and longevity

Stepping Up To Strategy

A transformative experience that transcends day-to-day challenges, empowering your team to embrace strategic thinking and achieve lasting success

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What Does The Programme Involve?

The program encompasses a meticulously designed 3-Day journey that includes:

Strategic Team Coaching:

Craft a bespoke coaching program to liberate your team from operational constraints. Foster a strategic mindset to navigate challenges with confidence.

Leadership Development:

Transform managers into dynamic leaders by addressing critical aspects such as tough conversations, feedback, work-life balance, and resilience. Identify and provide targeted support to enhance overall team performance.

High-Performance Leadership:

Equip leaders with essential skills to hold teams accountable and navigate challenging conversations. Cultivate open and collaborative leadership, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

Leadership Pipeline Development:

Build a robust leadership pipeline to secure the organisation’s future. Develop and retain key talent, ensuring seamless succession planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for my team?

Stepping Up To Strategy is ideal for management teams who are ready to transition from a focus on operational tasks to big picture thinking and a strategic mindset. 

How long is the coaching programme?

Stepping Up To Strategy is a 3 day coaching programme.

What does an external Team Coach bring?

External Team Coaches offer independence, specialised skills, and a fresh perspective. They challenge the team to focus on future success, ask the right questions, and create a psychologically safe environment for open communication and collaboration.

Transform your executive team, embrace strategic thinking, and propel your organisation to new heights with Stepping Up To Strategy.