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Small Business Coaching

Tailored Coaching for Founders, Entrepreneurs
& Small Business Owners

Why One-to-One Coaching for Business Leaders?

As a founder, entrepreneur, or executive, navigating the challenges at the forefront of your business demands a dedicated space for reflection, idea development, and skill enhancement. Our coaching for business leaders focuses on amplifying your strengths in thought leadership, communication, and strategic problem-solving.

Who Is Small Business Coaching For?

Small business owners seeking accelerated growth, confident decision-making, and transformative changes in their business. Whether you're navigating challenges in operations, strategy, or growth, our empathetic coaching approach is designed to empower you to make informed choices and achieve tangible results.

Benefits of Small Business Coaching


Empower yourself to make efficient and informed decisions, even in uncertain circumstances. Experience the revolutionary impact of coaching on your business strategy and operations

Confidential and Forward-Thinking Space

Founders, entrepreneurs, and executives find solace in our confidential coaching environment. This space offers a welcome relief, fostering open exploration of thoughts and providing crucial support for stress reduction, achieving balance, and identifying opportunities

Strategic Clarity and Goal Achievement

Gain clarity on business challenges and set achievable goals through personalised coaching conversations, paving the way for strategic success

Invest in Your Small Business's Success

Empower your small business to overcome challenges and achieve professional aspirations through one-to-one coaching. Contact us for a confidential conversation about your coaching journey, and explore the possibilities of accelerated growth.

Meet The Team

Christine McDonald


Formerly in adult social care, Christine found her passion for change-making conversations. As a qualified coach, she thrives on helping individuals discover their motivations and navigate transformative journeys.

Dr Rachel Robins


Inspired by her father’s storytelling, Dr. Rachel’s professional curiosity led her to coaching and mentoring. She believes in the power of structured conversations to uncover insights and empower individuals.

Rachel Robins

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