Group Coaching Supervision
Story – Sheena McDermott

How did you first hear about us?

A friend of mine said to me ‘you have to meet my coach Rachel, she’s amazing’. And she couldn’t have been more right.


What type of support were you looking for?

In truth, I didn’t know I was.  I just knew that sometimes conversations led places.


What was your first conversation with us like?

I don’t remember.  I can’t imagine a time before I would easily engage in wide-ranging and sometimes challenging conversations with Rachel.  I can’t remember when conversations didn’t just flow freely, blending challenge and support – enlightening and often surprising me with pearls of wisdom or sudden realisations of things that were staring me in the face.


"I’ve Developed A Whole New Perspective. My Belief In Myself Has Developed Enormously."

How was Coaching Supervision useful for Mettle Workers Coaches?

One of the objectives of Mettle Workers was to support a group of novice coaches on a journey to becoming true professionals.  Without opportunities both to practice and to reflect on your practice, it’s so easy to let the skills you learned in your initial training slip away.  For many of the Mettle Workers group, the imposter syndrome and the feeling that they weren’t ‘real coaches’ could easily have resulted in their giving up.  Taking part in the group supervision created a support network, and a sense of accountability.  Everyone in the group was pushing for each other to succeed, and Rachel was there gently nudging us in the right direction.


What were some of the outcomes of your investment in Coaching Supervision for the Coaches?

All of the members of the group have progressed in their ambitions – some have become paid professional coaches, and others have completed their certifications and improved their coaching skills for use in everyday situations.


What do you think was the biggest change for you as a result of your coaching conversations with us?

I’ve developed a whole new perspective.  My belief in myself has developed enormously – I’ve learned to be much more reflective and not to immediately reject opportunities that I don’t think I’m worthy of.  I’ve also learned a lot about other people – from seeing how Rachel analyses human behaviour.

Would you engage a Coaching Supervisor again?

Absolutely.  Through supervision you learn to celebrate your strengths, and recognise your weaknesses.  You learn to believe in yourself, but also to know when you are just making excuses.