Organisational Development Hackathon

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As many people who know us will understand, we love a good conversation. In fact, there’s only one thing we love more – a BIG Conversation! And that is exactly what the three day organisation development (OD) hackathon provided.

Day One

Diving Into OD Interventions

We found one of those recently when we were invited to contribute to the 3 Day OD Hackathon at LJMU in Liverpool in June by Prof Tony Wall. It was a collaboration between the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), ALARA (Actional Learning, Action Research Association), and GCWAL (Global Centre for Work Applied Learning).

The goal was to share and future-proof organisational development practice and practitioner research.

On Day 1 I contributed on how cost-effective group coaching can be when used as an OD intervention for personal development. Using coaching approaches, tools and techniques delegates had the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas while creating their own up to date goal setting through the use personal thought space.

The first 2 days were action-oriented. Delegates were able to experience actual OD interventions, styles, and approaches to develop their own OD skills and knowledge. There were people with a wide range of experience of OD, and everyone was happy to share what they knew. There was never a quiet moment!

Day Two

Triad Contracting And Much More

Christine, on day 2, gave participants at the event a chance to practice the key activity of Triad Contracting. This ensures that all parties in the contracting of Team Coaching (Team, Organisational sponsor, and Coaches) achieve their aims and objectives for successful outcomes.

The event offered a number of topics to explore, including Opening OD Conversation, Appreciative Inquiry, and Serious Play Lego. Not only did we delve into these fascinating subjects, but we also had the chance to meet some wonderful new people and reconnect with some familiar faces from the past.

It was a delightful mix of learning and networking.

Day Three

Writing And Sharing Insights

Day 3 gave participants the opportunity to write in a supported environment. Tony Wall provided all anyone could need to engage in either research or practitioner writing. It was a great opportunity to share wider new insights and knowledge.

So What?

Looking Forward

This event was a powerful reminder of the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in our field. The variety of topics and the depth of the discussions underscored the richness of Organisational Development and the potential it holds for transforming workplaces.

For those of you who are in the field of Organisational Development, or even just curious about it, we encourage you to seek out opportunities like this. Engage in big conversations, broaden your network, and never stop learning.

The feedback for the event was great, and those who couldn’t manage to attend are asking for more similar opportunities. So, let’s hope there is a Round 2 to follow. Thanks to Prof Tony Wall (LJMU) and Davis Hayden (CIPD OD & LD Learning Content Manager) for organising, and LJMU for being great hosts.

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