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One to One Coaching

Who Is 1-on-1 Coaching For?

Individuals seeking accelerated personal and professional growth. Whether you're navigating challenges at work, home, or both, our empathetic coaching approach empowers you to make confident choices and transformations.

What's Included In One to One Coaching?

Personalised Coaching Sessions: Tailored coaching to support you in making choices, clarifying confusion, setting and achieving goals, and transforming yourself. Empowerment Without Advice: Our coaching style encourages you to make your own decisions without relying on preset models, fostering self-directed growth.

Outcomes You Can Expect From
The One-On-One Coaching Process

Clarity and Goal Achievement

Navigate life's challenges with newfound clarity. Set and achieve personal and professional goals through transformative coaching conversations

Accelerated Growth

Empower yourself to make changes efficiently, even if you're unsure of the specifics. Experience the revolutionary impact of coaching on your personal and professional life

Individual Coaching Can Help Unlock The Skills and Techniques To Confidently Navigate Any Challenge

We employ a personalised and tailored coaching plan to address your individual needs. Our experienced coaches, navigate the coaching terrain with a bespoke 1 to 1 coaching programme designed to help you fulfil your personal and professional goals. Whether it’s executive coaching for leadership development or honing specific skills through focused training sessions, our coaching environment revolves around you. From identifying your strengths to unlocking your full potential, our holistic approach and individualised coaching style ensures that every step of the way, you are better equipped to achieve your goals. Ask your coach questions, learn new skills, and gain self-awareness through a tailored coaching plan—because coaching is not one-size-fits-all, and our approach is as unique as you are.

Investing in an External Coach for Your Organisation:

Why Choose an External Coach?

External coaches provide an unbiased perspective, facilitating open discussions. With no direct involvement in day-to-day operations, they offer fresh insights and focused attention to the coachee’s needs, producing significant results in a short time.

Benefits of External Individual Coaching:

  •  Increased cooperation and open communication.
  •  Unbiased perspectives free from preconceptions.
  • Intensive, high-energy coaching for impactful results.
  • Exclusive focus on coachee needs before, during, and after sessions.


Invest in the transformative power of one-to-one coaching. Empower yourself to overcome challenges and achieve your personal and professional aspirations. Contact us for a confidential conversation about your coaching journey and explore the possibilities of accelerated growth.

Meet The Team

Our strength lies in our talented team of professionals, each driven by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. Get to know the faces behind our success.

Christine McDonald


In my past life in adult social care, I perfected my report-writing and budget-balancing skills for a good decade. Even though my career looked great on paper, something felt off. Fast forward to a personal development course that changed my world—uncovering a key value: making a difference up close, none of that “small cog in a big machine” stuff. And voilà, my love for change-making conversations was born.

Since then, things have just fallen into place. I’ve embraced nuggets of wisdom, from understanding psychological safety to the magic of compassionate communication skills. They’re not just helping me; they’re shaping how those around me see what truly matters.

Now, rocking the title of a qualified coach, and chatting with people about their motivations and next steps is my jam. Especially when they didn’t think it was possible. The Conversation Company? That’s like finding my cosy coaching nook. Plus, a bonus: I can still whip up a damn good report.

Dr Rachel Robins


It all started with my dad spinning tales as I grew up. Despite not having a formal education, he was a fountain of knowledge on countless topics. Listening to his stories was like being right there in the moment with him. Town outings turned into eavesdropping adventures, guessing the rest of the story.

Back then, I thought I was just being nosy, but I’ve since rebranded it as professional curiosity. Over time, I delved into the impact of different conversations, realising their power to transport us to new places. This revelation nudged me toward coaching and mentoring, interventions that empower people to stride forward with informed positivity.

For me, a structured conversation is way more than a casual coffee chat—though that’s how it may look to the outside world. Within the dialogue, you find insights, emotions, feelings, mindsets, and barriers—a world beneath the spoken word.

And here I am, stepping into The Conversation Company, where all things conversational take centre stage. The journey continues, fueled by the magic of meaningful conversations. 

Rachel Robins

Frequently Asked Questions

When is coaching not for me?

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or psychiatry. It is essential to recognise when coaching might not be the right fit. If you feel the need for therapy, prioritise it before considering coaching.

Do I need to find a qualified coach?

Yes. Coaches can get their training from a variety of training providers, but once qualified most coaches gain their accreditation from either International Coaching Federation (ICF) or European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). You can check your coaches registration at either of these organisations. All coaches should be happy to show you proof of their qualifications and professional insurance.

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One to one coaching is designed to support you in making choices, changes, and decisions in your life, whether that is at work, at home or both. Coaching helps you ask yourself questions and make clarity out of confusion. It can help you set and meet goals as well as transform and develop yourself into something new. Our style of coaching supports you in making your own decisions without giving advice or relying on pre-set models.