Magic Beans

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I have a personal trainer at my local gym. We have had some great successes over the years, but I got married and rediscovered my love of carbs, both of which have left me a long way from my fittest. In between sets, my usual delaying tactic of starting a conversation led me to question why I wasn’t as fit as the olden days… and his reply was annoyingly true.

I was looking for shortcuts.

What about intermittent fasting? What about My Fitness Pal and macro counting? What about a juice cleanse? Any other en vogue dietary restriction that I can get my hands on?

He said, “they all do the same thing without you having to change, you should ask yourself why you keep wanting to try all the new fads”. If I want to lose weight I need a consistent small calorific deficit. If I want to lift heavier weights, I need to practice lifting heavier weights consistently. If I want to run faster, I need to run more. I know all of this, I have done it before.

If I want results, I have to put in the work. There are no magic beans.

This struck a chord for me, not just in the gym or in my food choices, but also in how a good coaching relationship works. When people are new to a coaching relationship, we look for a framework or a model to work with so that we can ensure success as soon as possible. Coaching isn’t cheap after all, so we want to make sure that we are making the most of it don’t we?

Or if we adopt the latest model or framework to do the emotional heavy lifting and difficult thinking, do we miss the opportunity to understand ourselves better? For me, the best coaching relationships start with a conversation and one of my favourite questions… “what’s that all about then?”

And if you need a fitness coach that drops pearls of wisdom between sets, you would do well to try @icoach__ on Instagram.
He knows his beans.

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