Is It Half Year Gone? Or The Chance Of Half A Year To Come?

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How are you feeling? We are in July now, we’ve had 100 days of lockdown and the world looks very different to how we thought it was going to be in January doesn’t it?

It feels quite easy to write 2020 off and start again in January, but what if we didn’t? Instead of this point at the beginning of July as a year half gone, where we haven’t been able to do everything we wanted to do, it could be a full six months still for opportunities to happen. What are your intentions for the next six months? What do you want to achieve by Christmas? Having written intentions gives us an aim to set up our actions.

You may start with by looking at the list you compiled in January for your year ahead. Is there anything on that list that is no longer important to you? Have you found during lockdown that what is important to your future happiness and wellbeing something very different?

For me it has been an opportunity to set new objectives to finish the year strong with new products and services provided by my business. I will ensure that we continue to provide products that support the changing needs of our clients. I will also be watching my energy levels and take time to be kind to myself recognising that the last few months have used more energy than normal.

How will you identify your future intentions for the rest of the year?

How will you take the right action to make sure it happens?

If a conversation would help to move forward and remember those things that you used to do to make you happy and complete we are here to help and if there is any support that we can give you, please get in touch.

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