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Half Day Strategy Sessions

Organisational Values

Is there a topic or area of your business that you would like to map out and discuss with independent and objective external support?

This could include:

  • Stakeholder identification and optimisation
  • Organisational barriers to strategic action
  • Starting a 20 year plan

Who Is It For?

These half-day strategy sessions are tailored for businesses and teams seeking to tackle specific challenges or opportunities. Whether you're a startup looking to refine your long-term vision or an established organisation aiming to overcome operational hurdles, this session is designed to provide clarity and actionable insights.

Outcomes You Can Expect

This half day strategy session with you and your team can be the catalyst to instant progress on issues that have got stuck or have been left on the to-do list for too long. The session will give you

Space To Discuss and Pinpoint The Issue

Gather existing information and research new ideas

An action plan to take immediate action

What Does the Session Involve?

During the half-day strategy session, you and your team will:

  • Identify Key Areas: Pinpoint specific areas of your business or operations that require attention, such as stakeholder optimisation, organisational barriers to strategic action, or long-term planning.
  • Discuss and Brainstorm: Engage in open discussions and brainstorming sessions to explore potential solutions and innovative ideas.
  • Develop an Action Plan: Collaboratively develop a detailed action plan outlining actionable steps to be taken post-session, ensuring clarity and alignment.

Convenient Location with Added Comfort

Our half-day strategy sessions are hosted at our state-of-the-art Start Yard Offices, conveniently located in Birkenhead. Designed to foster creativity and collaboration, our modern facilities provide the ideal setting for productive discussions and strategic planning. Plus, lunch is included, allowing you to refuel and recharge without leaving the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for my team?


Yes, these strategy sessions are suitable for teams of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a startup, SME, or large corporation, if you have specific challenges or opportunities you want to address, this session can provide valuable insights and guidance.

What does an external Team Coach bring?

An external team coach brings a fresh perspective and unbiased insights to the table. They offer a neutral facilitation environment, allowing team members to express themselves freely and explore ideas without internal biases or preconceptions. Additionally, an external coach often brings expertise in strategic planning and organisational development, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the session.