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Unlock Collective Growth through Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

Coaching can support you to make choices, changes, and decisions in your life, whether that is at work, at home or both. Coaching helps you ask yourself questions and make clarity out of confusion. It can help you set and meet goals as well as transform and develop yourself into something new. Our style of coaching supports you to make your own decisions without giving advice or relying on pre-set models.

Expected Outcomes From Group Coaching

Sometimes coaching can be eye opening and revolutionary in your life. Other times it is as simple as us helping you get to where you want to go, faster. If you want to make changes, even if you don’t know what they are yet, our time together in a coaching conversation can help.

Key Features Of Effective Group Coaching

Shared Interests

Individuals with a common focus come together for collective learning

Individual Goals

Members maintain individual goals and areas of focus


Each participant is responsible for achieving personal goals

Thematic Flexibility

Sessions can be thematic or non-thematic, catering to diverse learning needs

Session Formats

Choose between 'one-off' sessions or partake in a series

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What's Included in Group Coaching?

Our Group Coaching sessions are crafted to provide a rich and transformative experience for participants. Led by seasoned coaches, each session is designed to foster collective growth, leveraging proven coaching models and techniques. The inclusive package covers:

1. Tailored Themes:

Group Coaching offers a dynamic blend of thematic and non-thematic sessions. Participants can contribute to shaping the theme, ensuring relevance to individual goals and areas of focus.

2. Professional Guidance:

Led by qualified coaches with extensive experience in group dynamics, our sessions provide professional guidance. Coaches employ a range of approaches, drawing from diverse coaching tools to enhance the collective learning experience.

3. Personal Accountability:

While benefiting from group synergy, participants remain accountable for their individual goals. The structured format encourages personal responsibility within a supportive community.

4. Varied Learning Topics:

Our Group Coaching covers a broad spectrum of learning topics, catering to the diverse interests and objectives of participants. From building confidence to navigating career development, the sessions are adaptable to various themes.

5. Flexibility:

Whether you opt for a one-off session or a series of meetings, our Group Coaching adapts to your preferences. This flexibility ensures that participants can engage in a manner that aligns with their developmental journey.

Embrace the power of collaborative growth with The Conversation Company’s Group Coaching, where each session is a unique exploration into shared insights and individual breakthroughs.

Suitable Topics for Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching is adaptable to various learning topics, making it suitable for individuals keen on personal growth and reflection. Examples of topics include:

Building Confidence

A group focused on boosting individual and collective confidence

Career Development

Explore coaching models for strengths inventory, limiting beliefs, and career timelines

Leadership Transition

Tailored for those newly promoted into leadership roles
Organisational Values

Group Coaching Structures

Single or Series:

Group Coaching can be a one-time event or part of a series.

Thematic Versatility:

Sessions can be thematic or non-thematic, offering flexibility.

Expert Coaches

Meet Our Experienced Group Coaches

Led by qualified coaches with extensive group coaching experience, our leaders understand group dynamics and employ a diverse range of coaching approaches and tools.

Christine McDonald


In my previous life in adult social care, I honed my report-writing and budget-balancing skills for over a decade. Despite a stellar career on paper, a personal development course triggered a significant shift—revealing a core value: making a tangible difference. No more playing a small cog in a big machine; my passion for change-making conversations was ignited.

Since then, pieces have effortlessly fallen into place. I’ve embraced insights, from understanding psychological safety to the magic of compassionate communication skills. These gems aren’t just shaping my journey; they’re influencing those around me, highlighting what truly matters.

Now certified as a group coach, facilitating conversations about motivations and next steps is my sweet spot. Particularly when individuals realize possibilities they thought were beyond reach. The Conversation Company? It’s like finding my ideal coaching hub, and the bonus: I still craft impeccable reports.

Dr Rachel Robins


It all traces back to my dad’s storytelling as I grew up. Despite lacking formal education, he was a repository of knowledge on countless topics. Listening to his tales felt like living in the moment with him. Town outings turned into eavesdropping adventures, speculating about the rest of the story.

Back then, I deemed it mere nosiness, but I’ve since rebranded it as professional curiosity. Over time, I explored the impact of diverse conversations, recognizing their ability to transport us to new realms. This realisation nudged me toward coaching and mentoring, interventions empowering individuals to stride forward with informed positivity.

For me, a structured conversation surpasses casual coffee chat—though it may seem that way to the outside world. Within the dialogue lies a world of insights, emotions, feelings, mindsets, and barriers—an intricate realm beneath the spoken word.

Rachel Robins

Prof. Tony Wall


Tony has had the privilege of encountering some of the most inspiring conversations in his life, spanning interactions with family, friends, peers, and leaders alike. One particularly cherished moment stands out when a past leader posed the question, “What story do you want to create?” This inquiry, both daunting and empowering, has resonated with Tony for over a decade, serving as a guiding principle.

This pivotal question illuminated that he was entrusted to determine the right path based on the wealth of experience and expertise already within him. Reflecting on this, Tony recognizes that not everyone has had the opportunity to engage in such inspired moments, lacking the relationships or environments conducive to such conversations.

Motivated by this insight, Tony is driven to instigate change. He firmly believes that the landscape can and should evolve to accommodate more of these transformative conversations. Actively participating in processes that facilitate diverse dialogues, Tony particularly values an approach infused with playfulness, both in work and life. Recognizing that play creates an optimal environment for learning and envisioning a new future, he draws parallels to the uninhibited creativity experienced in childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Group Coaching right for me?

Group coaching may not be suitable if you have confidential issues requiring 1:1 attention. If uncertain, schedule a chemistry call to discuss your needs and explore the best coaching fit for you. Embark on a journey of collective growth and self-discovery with Group Coaching.

Are group coaches qualified?

Yes, all our Group Coaching is led by a qualified coach. In addition to being qualified our Group Coaching leads have substantial experience in working with groups. They understand group dynamics and are able to use a range of approaches within the Group Coaching sessions. They have access to a wide range of coaching approaches and tools with the ability to apply these to groups.

When is Group Coaching not for me?

Group coaching is not the right environment for you if you have a range of confidential issues or aims or that you are looking for 1:1 time with a coach on your own. There are some topics that are not suitable for the group environment. If you are unsure then a chemistry call to us may be useful for you to talk things over.

Is Group Coaching a single event?

Group Coaching can look very different. The sessions can be ‘one off’ or part of a number of sessions. The sessions may be thematic or non-thematic. Group coaching could be used as part of a programme of development such as a Leadership Programme. If non-thematic the first session or part of a session the theme can be created by those who attend.