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Coach Supervision

We’re here to support your professional coaching practice, prioritising your health and well-being. Our supervision ensures your clients receive the highest quality coaching experience.

What is coach supervision?

Coach supervision for a coach is a formal arrangement for coaches to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in coaching and experienced in supervision. The task is to work together to help the coach develop themselves and their practice.

Coaching Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.

What type of topics can I take to supervision?

The agenda for supervision is the coach working together with the supervisor reflecting on topics and issues the coach chooses to bring to supervision. It is a process to maintain adequate standards of coaching provision through a supportive process. Supervision has sometimes been called “Super Vision” as a way of demonstrating that it is not restrictive or prescriptive but rather a process for increasing creativity by spending time looking at your coaching practice.

The purpose of coach supervision is to support the coach’s professional, personal and coaching practice’s health and well-being. Indirectly it also ensures that the clients of the supervised coach are also well supported and receive the best possible coaching experience.

What are the benefits of investing in regular Coach Supervision?

Develop your coaching skills and/or your coaching practice to provide the highest standards of service to your clients
Address with an experienced supervisor, on a confidential basis, ethical issues that you may encounter during coaching
Accelerate your professional and personal development, as part of lifelong learning as a coach
Explore issues and dilemmas in a safe and confidential environment and obtain an experienced second opinion on coaching situations that may arise
Develop skills, knowledge and build resilience and confidence as a coach.

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How does Coach Supervision actually work?

Using the coach’s own experiences with clients as one method of reflecting on skills, competencies and behaviours and through this to support the coach to develop their own ‘internal supervisor’.

Through discussion with your supervisor, you will be able to review and uncover potential ethical issues and therefore ensure you are well supported in the challenges you face.  It also provides a safe and confidential space for you to explore your coaching style and to uncover any unconscious behaviours or biases that may get in the way of being the best you can possibly be for your client.

Is Coach Supervision a good investment for me as I don't coach full-time?

Working with clients can be an emotionally draining activity even if you are not coaching as a full-time job. Not only does coaching supervision allow you to discuss difficult or challenging clients, gaining support for the emotional impact such work can bring but also makes sure that even when a positive relationship is established, you do not over identify with your client.  This is sometimes hard to spot when working independently.  When we over identify with a client we may not challenge that client as effectively as we could and can get sucked into a relationship that is not likely to help the client achieve his or her objectives.

If you are thinking of becoming an accredited coach, you will also find that it is increasingly being expected that coaches will have some form of coaching supervision as part of their commitment to professional best practice. Coaching supervision also offers the opportunity of working with a more experienced coach who can help you deepen your understanding and abilities.

My coaching practice is going really well, do I still need to invest in supervision?

Even if your coaching work is going well there is learning in analysing what’s working, why it’s working and in helping you identify your strengths.  Coaching Supervision helps you gain a better understanding of your clients, their varying personalities and encourages you to become more aware of the dynamics of the coach-client relationship so that you can consider what learning can be transferred to other clients.

Why use an external supervisor?

It is often difficult for organisations to provide effective supervision for internal coaches through exclusively internal means. The organisation’s culture is often part of the problem that coaches and clients are discussing. It may take someone from outside the culture to ask the question that can’t be articulated internally that gets to the heart of the matter. Coaches also say they are able to open up with someone outside the organisation

Coaching supervision for internal coaches can play a critical role in providing ongoing support and development that helps coaches become, and remain, fit for purpose to coach in complex organisational settings. They are able to develop their capacity to look at the bigger system – recognising some of unseen internal and external dynamics that affect their coaching practice.

Supervision provided by an external Supervision Team can help internal coaches by:

For the individual Internal Coaches:

  • Building a sense of community amongst internal coaches
  • Increasing confidence and experiencing less self-doubt
  • Strengthening motivation to do more coaching


For the organisation:

  • An opportunity for harvesting the learning from multiple coaching engagements
  • Building coaching capability and capacity
  • Development of, and commitment to, coaching within the organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coach Supervision?

Coach supervision is a formal arrangement for coaches to regularly discuss their work with an experienced supervisor, fostering collaborative learning and the development of both the coach and their clients.

Is Coach Supervision a good investment for part-time coaches?

Absolutely. Coaching supervision is vital for addressing challenging client situations, avoiding over-identification, and maintaining emotional well-being. It aligns with accreditation expectations, providing support even for part-time coaches.

Why use an external supervisor?

Organisations may struggle to offer effective internal supervision due to cultural constraints. External supervisors provide a fresh perspective, create a safe environment, and foster open discussions, helping internal coaches navigate complex organisational settings.

What are the benefits of investing in regular Coach Supervision?

Investing in coaching supervision enhances coaching skills, addresses ethical issues, accelerates professional development, explores dilemmas, and builds resilience and confidence. It ensures coaches are continuously fit for purpose.

How many hours of coaching supervision do I need?

Coaches may use up to 10 hours of supervision to gain a richer and broader opportunity for support. The number of hours depends on individual needs and preferences for continuous professional development.

How does supervision benefit both coaches and clients?

Supervision provides a collaborative learning practice that continually builds the coach’s capacity. It creates a safe environment for coaches to share successes and failures, ultimately benefiting both coaches and their clients.

What formats of coaching supervision are available?

Coaching supervision can be individual or group-based. It focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and learning.

Is coaching supervision essential for all coaches?

Yes, coaching supervision is essential for all coaches, regardless of experience. It helps coaches become masterful in their practice, ensuring the well-being of the coach and the quality of the coaching experience for clients.

How does supervision contribute to personal and professional development?

Supervision challenges the coach, enabling personal and professional development. It helps coaches analyse what’s working, and why it’s working, and identifies strengths, promoting continuous improvement in coaching practices.

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