Be Curious

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As children, we begin life as curious beings. We look around corners, stare into puddles, play with empty boxes, and continually ask ‘WHY’. All these things help us learn about the world around us and allow us to understand and stretch our environment. These experiences make us who we are today.

My question today is: Why do some people stop being curious?

Being a Coach and People Professional I am committed to following the professional behaviours and competencies of CIPD and EMCC. A key behaviour is to have a passion for learning. This requires demonstrating curiosity and making the most of opportunities to learn, improve and innovate.

For me, if we are not learning and stagnating, we can actually be moving backwards. Our world moves on so quickly we need to take a wide perspective of their learning. To be curious about the wider world of work and connecting to others in our profession ad outside of it. That may mean networking with different groups, reading widely and having conversations with different people.

Having a learning mindset helps us to seek opportunities to test our new thoughts to continuously innovate and improve our work, as well as contribute to the development of others. Feeling curious about our thoughts and feelings helps us know ourselves better.

Don’t be like the child who stops wanting to know new things and meet new people. Be like the child that never stops asking why? How? When?

Start by considering in the last week have you been ‘curious’ and what impact has this had on your thinking?

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