Appreciate What Makes You Happy

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The last 2 years have given us all a very different life than we would have planned and many things we hoped for just were not allowed to happen. Much of our routine everyday life was turned upside down and the things that brought us happiness seemed to be in short supply. So as we move forwards into a new year I thought it was worth sharing where I find the thing that brings me joy and happiness and therefore provide me with positive energy.

happy ball The Conversation Company - Rachel Robins & Christine McDonald

On reflection, my happiness usually comes in one of 3 ways:

😊 Completely as a surprise.

😊 Planned events I try to do regularly to balance my busy life.

😊 Things I have put lots of energy into because they are important to me.

Surprise Happiness

Just before Christmas a small gift from a very dear friend that made me laugh so much it brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was a small frog that you can bend into yoga poses to demonstrate to you how to carry out the activity for yourself. It is such a fun gift and now sits on my desk and reminds me of how I laughed when I first saw it – so I start each day with a smile – just to myself!

Planned Events Happiness

Each morning I pop on my walking shoes and go out for a walk around the village where I live. I have always enjoyed walking but in March 2020 when we were only allowed out for one hour each day, my husband and I decided to start our working day with our walk. The habit has stayed and now I just don’t feel right without my early morning walk. The exercise is great but so is the conversation and seeing the day begin, hear the birds waking up and saying Good Morning to what are now regular walkers along the way.

Long term plans happiness

One of our greatest joys at The Conversation Company over recent months has been the decision to work with two fabulous associates – Prof Tony Wall and Rachel Fryer. Tony and Rachel are wonderful professionals who value conversations with whom we love working.

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