Welcome to The Conversation Company

At The Conversation Company, we believe in the transformative power of meaningful dialogue. Our mission is to create spaces where conversations spark growth, foster change, and deepen understanding. With a commitment to authentic communication, we facilitate journeys of self-discovery and collective development.

Our Values


We honour the power of genuine, open conversations.


We believe in the potential for positive change within every individual and team.


We embrace diversity and create spaces where everyone’s voice is heard.

Continuous Learning

We are dedicated to personal and professional growth through ongoing exploration.

Conversations In The Media

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Our Services:

1. One-to-One Coaching:

Empower yourself with personalised coaching, navigating challenges, setting goals, and achieving transformative outcomes.

2. Executive Team Coaching:

Boost your team’s collective capabilities with our tailored coaching programme. Develop leadership skills, enhance communication, and achieve performance objectives.

3. Group Coaching:

Experience the collective power of group learning. Our sessions cover various topics, including career development, leadership, and building confidence.

4. Coach Supervision:

Prioritise your coaching practice’s health and well-being. Our supervision ensures the highest quality coaching experience for you and your clients.

Meet The Team

Our strength lies in our talented team of professionals, each driven by a shared passion for conversations

Christine McDonald


With a background in adult social care, Christine brings a wealth of experience in coaching and change-making conversations. Her passion for creating a difference, coupled with her coaching expertise, makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Her core values are rooted in authenticity, equality, and joy, acting as steadfast principles that shape every facet of her life, including her approach to work. She acknowledges that navigating through work, personal growth, and change can pose challenges, yet she maintains a belief that these endeavours need not be unpleasant. A notable skill of Christine’s lies in her ability to discover joy and satisfaction in various experiences, reflecting her innate disposition as a default happy person.

Christine expresses a genuine enjoyment for collaborating with individuals who possess different perspectives, demonstrating a keen interest in understanding the intricacies of others’ thought processes. Her two primary sources of energy are derived from the outdoors and interpersonal connections. For instance, embarking on a hike up Snowdon with friends is described as bringing out the best in her. In a professional context, this enthusiasm extends to a love for workshops, group thinking, and a willingness to provide outdoor coaching.

Approaching collaboration, Christine identifies herself as a collaborator who thrives in partnerships, deriving fulfilment from supporting others in reaching their potential. However, she emphasizes that while she is eager to assist, the responsibility for initiating the necessary efforts for transformative changes rests with the individual seeking support.

Rachel’s career trajectory shifted dramatically in 2012 when she transitioned from her role as Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development in Local Government to focus on building a thriving coaching business. Since then, she has worked closely with senior leaders across various sectors, including Local Government, NHS, Police, Universities, and Charities. Rachel’s expertise has been sought after in multiple capacities, from being a Guest Speaker and EMCC Research Conference Speaker to serving as an ILM Coach Supervision Verifier and JWLM Manuscript Reviewer for research articles. As The Conversation Company continues to expand its offerings to clients and organisations, Rachel remains dedicated to maintaining a strong foundation of knowledge on the intricacies of coaching.

A defining moment in Rachel’s journey was the completion of her Doctorate in Executive Coaching from the University of Chester in 2014. Her mission revolves around empowering individuals to gain self-awareness through coaching, enabling them to navigate their environments more effectively. This approach has proven particularly effective in her work with senior politicians, including Council Leaders.

While research remains a passion for Rachel, she acknowledges the challenges of balancing this pursuit with her professional responsibilities. In 2024, Rachel has committed to a personal transformation, prioritising opportunities to share her knowledge, insights, and experiences. While she will continue to work selectively as an executive coach, her focus will shift towards mentoring other coaches through supervision events, facilitating Team Coaching Workshops, and contributing to research articles and blogs to share the outcomes of her reflective practice.

As organisations face unprecedented challenges in 2024, Rachel remains committed to her own growth and learning journey as a qualified and experienced coach. With a relentless curiosity about human behaviour and the potential for self-discovery, Rachel eagerly anticipates the opportunities and conversations that each new day will bring.

Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins


Prof. Tony Wall


Tony has had the privilege of encountering some of the most inspiring conversations in his life, spanning interactions with family, friends, peers, and leaders alike. One particularly cherished moment stands out when a past leader posed the question, “What story do you want to create?” This inquiry, both daunting and empowering, has resonated with Tony for over a decade, serving as a guiding principle.

This pivotal question illuminated that he was entrusted to determine the right path based on the wealth of experience and expertise already within him. Reflecting on this, Tony recognizes that not everyone has had the opportunity to engage in such inspired moments, lacking the relationships or environments conducive to such conversations.

Motivated by this insight, Tony is driven to instigate change. He firmly believes that the landscape can and should evolve to accommodate more of these transformative conversations. Actively participating in processes that facilitate diverse dialogues, Tony particularly values an approach infused with playfulness, both in work and life. Recognizing that play creates an optimal environment for learning and envisioning a new future, he draws parallels to the uninhibited creativity experienced in childhood.